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Our website address is: https://spids.co.in What personal data we collect and why we collect it

1.Acceptance Of Terms

The terms and conditions of service provided are per http://spids.co.in/. We might revise our terms and update our policies on an occasional basis without notification. To access our updated policies, you might have to visit our website page and familiarize with our updated version. Anytime you will be using our page you should know that our outline conditions bind you, terms and policies. These terms of use which incorporates our privacy statement govern your use of the website, Therefore, purpose to take time and peruse through the following information carefully.

2.Usage Of This Website

https://spids.co.in is a designed database that its operation includes collecting and sharing questions and answers that were previously asked in several interviews. Therefore, our questions are sampled from different interviews that were done in various parts of the world. However, we don’t guarantee that there will be re-occurrence of this question s in future interviews that you will attend. As a website, we are not liable for any incorrect or misleading.

We strive as much as possible to give you the best and reliable information that you might need our level of understanding. Since the use of information provided herein is based on your own choice, we will not be accountable for any arising complain. Use the provided information at your own risk because you are free to use it the way you want.

The Spids Indiaa that we have provided on our website might be different from the actual questions in your interview. Therefore, we don’t take any responsibility on that.

This website is not responsible for any arising dispute on matters involving ownership, trademark or copyrights of the provided information of our site. As a website, we can also make advancements on refusing to submit any content that was presented to our site. All company names and trademarks which have been published on the website are fully subjected to their right respected companies and owners.

3.Registration Into The Website

Registration for the services provided on the website is optional. Interested visitors to the site can make these registrations at their own free will. By making registration in this particular website, you will be granted permission to modify and maintain the data submitted into this site.

We guarantee that the data that you provided is confidential and it will not be distributed or shared to any third party without your consent. However, you will be required to provide, current and reliable information that will help us to know what exactly did you wanted to inform us. We will not accept any fraud or manipulation of false information. This will lead to a permanent ban from accessing our website.

4.Anti-Spam Policy

The http://spids.co.in/doesn’t permit sending spam or unsolicited emails. Furthermore, our email service, referrals and other services that we provide should not be used for personal or commercial reasons. Any defaulter of set policies will be dealt with accordingly as per the laws.

5.Copyright Policies

We wholly own all pages,data, and graphics contained on our website. Therefore, don’t redistribute or reproduce any provided content in the site. We acknowledge and respect copyrights, trademarks and intellectual properties of others. Contact us through our customer care service if you notice any violation of your intellectual rights.

6.Privacy Policy

We guarantee the confidentiality of any information provided during registration.We use the information to source data and research about the services that we offer. We shall make notification in case of significant changes to privacy policy.