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Making your business listed top on the search results of Google is not a simple task, however, we leave no stone unturned to realize that. This includes our exclusive and cost-effective SEM services. Spids India is a leading SEM company in Chennai very known for offering end-to-end SEM strategies that help in bringing the best quality customers to your site.

When you are thinking about accelerating your business growth, you need the right plans and methods to make that happen. All it comes from SEM. We can better understand your business and end up designing a strategy that is perfect for you

Search Engine Optimization (SEM) services – A basket of benefits for your business

What is this SEM for your business? In a very simple language, it is online marketing that contains promotional activities of websites to increase their visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs), especially with paid advertising.

If you have established your online presence and looking to acquire leads or put your site on top of results, SEO is one way to go. However, if you want to accomplish this in a short period, SEM services in Chennai are the right choice for you.

Outperform your competitor with Spids India

Spids India is a fast-growing company offering comprehensive SEM services that put a major focus on the latest market demands and curate the most sophisticated campaigns very suitable for your business needs. Here is what our SEM company in Chennai has for you

PPC services

Pay Per Click is an Internet Marketing model helpful in acquiring visitors by displaying your products /services on advertising platforms and reaching those who looking for offerings similar to you. We are expertise in offering high-quality PPC services. Pay Per Click is truly valuable for your money, as it starts showing immediate results for your investment. PPC is used on various advertising platforms such as Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. and we are very proficient at this quickest way of acquiring visitors to your website.

How do we master PPC services in Chennai?

Spids India helps businesses to make the most of the golden opportunity of generating leads through its best PPC services. We master the digital performance through some effective steps including:

  • Relevant Keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Efficient landing page development
  • Design dedicated campaigns
  • Compelling ad development with effective copywriting
  • Campaign optimization
  • Measure the performance and make changes, if required
  • Comprehensive reporting

Bundle of advantages of investing with our SEM company in Chennai

Why Digital SEM is Important to Choice?

  • Reaching a highly targeted and relevant audience
  • Good value for money as you pay only when a user clicks the ad
  • More number of targeted leads
  • Higher visibility
  • Fast reach in less amount of time


It is an online marketing practice that involves paid advertisements that are displayed on the search result pages (SERPs).

SEO is the set of techniques used to increase the organic ranking of your website. It makes use of organic strategies to bring your website appear on the top of Google. SEM involves paid strategies to appear in search.

Thorough keyword research and competitor analysis are required for setting up the Google Adword campaign. There are many aspects such as the type of ads, bidding strategy determines the success of campaigns. So, you need the expertise to set up. Unless you have such proficiency, you may end up losing the money. Hence it is good to leave the job to the experts, just like us.

Measuring the SEM performance is very important and for the best part, SEM campaigns are highly measurable. We use various methods to measure the success of campaigns and monitor the impressions and clicks on paid and organic search engine listings.

We are well-experienced in various facets of SEM, this includes:
  • Google Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Bid management
  • Display Ad
  • Landing page recommendation
  • Budget planning
  • Lead generation

We cater to various sectors and include real estate, retail, eCommerce, health care, beauty services, and more…