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Social Media Optimisation (SMO) is an amazing tool that helps your business to share the content of your brand across popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc to your target audience. But, creating just a page on Facebook or an account with Twitter is no longer enough for your unique brand identity. You need to strategically build a plan for creating and maximizing your Social media presence to get connected with the target audience. This is where our SMO company in Chennai stands.

We have a team of young, energetic, and well-knowledgeable experts passionate about building strong brand identity connections through social media networks. As a leading SMO agency in Chennai, we have rich expertise in engaging your target people on the major social media platforms.

Expert at digitally finding the ways to market your brand

Social media has emerged as one of the inevitable platforms to reach the targeted audience. If you look for a top strategy for your business that can fuel its growth, SMO is the way to go. Spids India knows well that unless your online presence is not engaging, it is of no use. Hence we focus on deriving campaigns that engage your social communities and also help in improved organic ranking in search results.

Brand image building

Social networking and bookmarking

Video Marketing

Daily updates

Blog Submissions

Classified Submissions

Brand Promotion

Video and PPT optimization

Forum marketing

Press releases

Link sharing on social media

Taking your brand to reach a broad group of audience

We have tailor-made, creative, and innovative strategies that will certainly inspire people involved with your post and make it justice to an effective campaign. Spids India with its professionally designed promotional activities helps your brand to put in front of billions of people present on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and Google My Business.

Get the best from a top SMO company in Chennai

Spids India has an array of services suiting every business model and its target audience.

Define your goals Research your brand and gain insights Our highly professional graphic designers create exclusive images Craft high-quality and persuasive content that truly represents your brand via social networking sites Competitor analysis Design the most right and effective campaigns Monitor and track the performance Send you regular reports


It is an integrated digital marketing strategy that involves optimizing the activities of your business on social media platforms thus increasing your visibility on social media and other online platforms.

SMO services help your brand to have strong visibility, build brand awareness and create great customer engagement. A professional SMO company will have significant experience. So it can best understand your business needs and make the right social media marketing based on your brand.

SMO services offer innumerable benefits both to startups and established businesses.
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased number of leads and conversions
  • Increased brand visibility to targeted people
  • Maximum exposure to social media networks
  • Get leads from people all over the world

Yes, certainly! We help in integrating the social media networks into your website and direct the web links to your business social media profiles. We help in connecting with maximum followers and building connections on your social networking sites.

Significant numbers of people are present on major social media platforms. With SMO, you can reach that large group of people and make your brand visible to them. As there are great chances of attracting potential clients through social media networks, it is sure to get more customers through the service.

Social media marketing has its essential role in SEO. SEO helps internet users to easily reach the brand, whereas SMO services focus on reaching people through social networking sites and give relevant business information through these platforms. Both SEO and SMO are related in the term that they help in reaching people.